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CIMERS Researchers




Susan Merle, Senior Faculty Research Assistant

Anna Bolm, Faculty Research Assistant

Tamara Baumberger, Assistant Professor

Jeffery Beeson, Assistant Professor

Nina Bednarsek, Assistant Professor

Francis Chan, Professor Integrative Biology, COS, CIMRS/CIMERS Director

Elizabeth Daly, Faculty Research Assistant

Xiuning Du, Research Associate 

Bill Chadwick, Academic Appt, Research

Haru Matsumoto, Academic Appt, Research

David Mellinger, Professor, Research

Cheryl Morgan, Senior Faculty Research Assistant

Angie Sremba, Assistant Professor

Samara Haver, Post Doc Scholar

Waldo Wakefield, Assistant Professor

Samantha Zeman, Faulty Research Assistant

Lauren Roche, Faulty Research Assistant

Michelle Stowell, Faculty Research Assistant

Caren Barcelo, Post-Doc Scholar

James Turnbull, Research Engineer

Anson Antriasian, Faculty Research Assistant


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